Why We Need Shows like “A Different World”

Since I was a freshmen in college last year, “A Different World” has been a source of my education of the struggle and uniqueness of much of my black heritage. That show has fostered a much needed appreciation for those who have come before me. The characters on this show inspires a diverse group of the demographic. It shows that with a true support system anything is possible. 

Dwayne Wayne, one of the main characters on the show, helped me to form my idea of the “perfect guy.” He is thoughtful, intelligent, concerned, but most important, he was human. Each character on the show was just a human trying to help other humans find their place in the world.

Unfortunately, our generation’s television options include a watered-down Disney and reality TV shows, which I already see influencing people just 2-3 years younger than me. 

I am concerned for the lack of thirst for knowledge. I am concerned for the lack of identification of the struggle of our ancestors. Thankfully, Netflix has those shows that taught us all a lesson on Nick-@- Night at some point in our lives. 


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