Invest Now To Save Later!

We all have excuses as to why we “can’t” live a healthier life. I go through it too. I say I’m too busy or sometimes too lazy. The biggest excuse is that being healthy is too expensive. But you know what is more expensive than a healthy lifestyle? Medical Bills!

Living a healthy lifestyle not only rewards your body, but also your wallets. Consistent work out and meditation prevent chronic diseases, cancer, diabetes and stress among other things.

Working out 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week reduces the amount of sick days by 25% , according to David Niem professor at Appalachian Univiversity.

Exercise lowers the risk of stroke by 27%, high blood pressure by 50%, and breast cancer by 50%. These are all costly diseases and the price to pay is rising annually.

Because many gyms offer family and seasonal discounts, working- out is more affordable. Thankfully, the beautiful city of New Orleans is the perfect setting for a sunset run in a beautiful November’s evening.

Now that you know how affordable a healthy lifestyle can be, what’s your excuse?


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