Pay it Forward: 11 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

It has been 11 years since Hurricane Katrina made a turn in the Gulf of Mexico and headed straight to the heart of the south, New Orleans. It was almost as if God sent this storm as a message, a cleansing. There was devastation, there was heartbreak, but most importantly there was HOPE. Hope that we can only get through this time together. 

Many families were misplaced, torn apart, and some miraculously brought together. We went through our tragedy and now New Orleans is more beautiful and thriving than ever before. So the devestation in Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes gives us the opportunity to Pay it Forward to the people that housed and took care of us during our tragedy.

Baton Rouge, LA has made headlines this summer for unfortunate reasons. I look at this situation as their own cleansing. It gives human beings a chance to show eachother that we are one race and, at this point, all we have to give is LOVE. 

The Great Flood of 2016 has brought the people of this state and parts of The South together. Even with lack of national coverage, Our people are proving the spirit of Louisiana is alive and well


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