First Time Thrifting

This upcoming fall semester will be my first official time living in an apartment. Yes, I am as excited as a sorority girl on bid-day. Anyways, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to try thrift store shopping, or thrifting as the millennials say. During my two day experience, I discovered a whole new world where sheik couture meets the dollar store and I LOVED every bit of it.

My favorite part about the experience was giving my own personal touch to the dull and boring wooden table. oh and the price of course made and twice as enjoyable. I based the entire color scheme of my apartment room around this theme of coral and gold. So we’ll see how it looks all put together.

Many of you out there don’t know me so here is one thing about me that you must understand. I overdo EVERYTHING. So of course I had to overdo the painting jobs too. So here are 2 other thrift-store creations

Hopefully these look great in my apartment and I’ll  add more pics when I’m all settled in. Definitely more DIY and Thrift Store projects to come in the future!


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