Smoothie King Digital Brand

Smoothie King uses its online presence to promote its latest healthy  flavors. They also share links to stories of bloggers who used their smoothies to live a healthier lifestyle. For the most part, the company does not change their posts to accomodate to the different platforms. For example, Smoothie King uses the exact pictures and captions on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I do like the way that the brand uses holidays (Official and unofficial) to promote certain flavors. For example they used #DrSeussDay to promote a carrot-kale smoothie, which is green like Dr. Seuss’ most famous character- The Grinch! To improve its online presence, Smoothie King should post different meal plans daily for people to use as a base for weightloss, a detox, or an overrall lifestyle change. The company could also tailor its message for each social platform.



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